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Jake Kobrin "Equanimity" Blotter Art


Jake Kobrin "Equanimity" blotter art. Signed, Numbered Edition. Print goes on sale on Bicycle Day, 4/19, at 9 AM Pacific.

According to the artist, "My intention [with this piece] was to create a work of art that would demonstrate the calm among the storm. The dragons swirling around the central figure represent the stirring of our minds, all of our fears, our anxieties, and all of the disturbances that rock us. But the central figure rests in the middle of it rooted within her own heart in total peace, balance, and equanimity.

"Now is a time when the world needs balance, poise, equanimity, strength, and clarity most of all. The pandemic and political unrest has stimulated a lot of fear and panic among people of the world. The truth is, however, that we can never come to the conclusions and the answers that we need to find from a state of panic and we can only arrive at solutions from a place of composure. So this painting seems relevant right now. It reminds me when I look at it to maintain my composure even when I feel fear arise.

"Ironically when I was painting this, especially over the last few weeks, the dragons of my mind were rather stirred and I was forced to sit with a lot of my own demons. It’s often that I need to live my paintings as I’m making them."


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