Last Few Alex Grey "St Albert" Giclée Prints Remaining

Last Few Alex Grey "St Albert" Giclée Prints Remaining

On the occasion of the 100th Birthday of Dr. Albert Hofmann on January 11th 2006, the Gaia Media Foundation presented "LSD: Problem Child & Wonder Drug" an international symposium at the Convention Center in Basel, Switzerland to honor the contributions of the best known and most controversial pharmacologist ever born. The event was the largest psychedelics conference in history to date and a major milestone in psychedelic culture. 

Painter Alex Grey created "St Albert and the LSD Revelation Revolution", a painting portraying both Dr. Hofmann and the cultural impacts of his "Problem Child", and the painting was unveiled to Dr. Hofmann at the event. 

Albert Hofmann and Alex Grey With St Albert Painting

For Bicycle Day 2017, Alex Grey signed and numbered 100 Giclée prints of his St Albert portrait on paper and 25 prints on foil

All but one of the foil prints have sold out and very few of the paper prints remain. These prints were not widely advertised and have mostly been sold via private sales. 
St Albert Giclee Close Up

Shakedown Gallery has obtained the final few remaining prints.

Grab one up here while there's still a chance!

Alex Grey Albert Hofmann 100th Birthday

(Images of Alex Grey & Albert Hofmann c/o @alexgreycosm Twitter feed.)
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