Holy Grail of Blotter Art Sells For Over $10,000

Holy Grail of Blotter Art Sells For Over $10,000

Albert Hofmann Timothy Leary Holy Grail Blotter Art
The legendary "Holy Grail of Blotter Art" (the Heraldic Shields edition signed by Albert Hofmann and Timothy Leary) went up for auction this week and closed at over $10,000. To date, this is the most a single piece of blotter art has ever fetched in an open sale. 

The Holy Grail edition was a collaboration between blotter art collector Mark McCloud, author Tom Lyttle and Robert Demarest, a rare book collector. Approximately 25 pieces of Kevin Barron's Heraldic Shields blotter art were brought to Dr. Albert Hofmann, the Sandoz chemist who'd discovered LSD. Dr Hofmann gifted one print and shipped back the rest. About twenty of those were then signed by Timothy Leary and most of those were distributed amongst Lyttle, McCloud and Demarest.

The auction was placed by Robert Demarest. The final bid was $10,099.98 USD.

Leary Hofmann Shields Blotter Art

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